Certified Folder Display Service Revolutionizes their Website Management

Website management is critical for organizations in today’s digital economy. This is demonstrated by Certified Folder Display Service, Inc., a well-known tourism and travel brochure distribution company based in Vista, CA. Their innovative transition from an internal Internet department to an outsourced solution not only resulted in significant cost savings, but also increased their digital presence.

Website for Digital Content Distribution

Brochure Distribution Media

Founded in 1899, Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. has a rich legacy that spans more than a century. They proudly display their customers’ travel brochures in more than 20,000 rack locations and digital displays across North America, making their dominance in the tourism brochure distribution market apparent.

Challenge: How to Effectively Manage Company Websites

Despite having mastered their primary business, website management was not their forte.  It was costly to employee multiple professionals, each specializing in separate areas of website design, web development, kiosk software, and search engine optimization.  Furthermore, it was inefficient to employe so many people when all of their skills were not needed all of the time.

Solution: The Shift to Outsourcing Web Presence

Acknowledging these challenges, the company made a strategic move: substituting their trio team with an outsourced website management service provider. By collaborating with Corporate Web Image, Inc., they gained access to a reservoir of experts in web design, tailor-made website application development, and search engine optimization. This transition meant they had on-demand specialized services without the constant need for an in-house team.

Results and Benefits

The results were immediate and remarkable.

  • Significant Cost Savings: Transitioning to an outsourced approach significantly reduced their operational expenditures.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Collaborating with professionals ensured the company benefited from top-tier services without the need for an entire department.
  • Focus Shifted to Core Competencies: Previously burdened with the need to manage an entire department of web professional, management was able to resume focus on its primary business operations.