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Points of Weakness

Points of weakness appear in many forms. They may be in the form of slow website response times, in which users get fed up and leave; or they may be in the form of a bottleneck in information flow, otherwise known as a "stop page." That is, a page where a larger than expected number of people are exiting the site. Maybe the page (or site) lacks the information that users are looking for, or perhaps users are finding it difficult to use the existing navigation to find their destination page.

Raw Logs

Performing statistical analysis within the server logs (aka "activity logs") can help determine whether visitors are finding their intended destination pages. If not, the path to the intended page needs to be reviewed for such weaknesses and, if necessary, fixed. Because of the growing complexity of successful websites, it is important to regularly review the site for points of weakness so that the website can continue to function properly, in its intended manner.

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